Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Photomedia - Steampunk part 2

Progressing along with my Steampunk photomedia project, I've been taking photos that I think might be useful.  I was going to go with a 'dream-like' feel, but trying to capture smoke and encorporate that looks like it may be a bit hard at this stage.

So I've moved on with the idea of Steampunk and I'm thinking of using an image based on the photo of the girl in my last blog post, but of me in a more structured environment.  That way I have more control over the contrast and lighting.

I had a day of photography and have come up with some elements I really like.   I've taken a picture of myself to be the central part of the image:

Julia looking surprised, holding onto to her hat as if something is going to come down on her head
After taking the photo I got to thinking about the song 'it's raining men' - what if I subverted that to be 'it's raining steampunk'?  I could then introduce all of the elements I was thinking of initially - the cogs, fob watches and goggles - raining down onto my head.

More photography required!

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