Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Photomedia - Steampunk FINAL

It's done!  I went with the photograph of myself holding onto my hat and the title of 'It's Raining Steampunk'. 

I actually had a lot of fun painting a browny backdrop for the piece.

a brown painted canvas

I then took all the steampunk elements I photographed and separated them out to form the 'rain drops' and pulled the whole image together.

I like the colours, but I think photographing the elements (the cogs particularly) in a lightbox would've made the final composition a lot easier.  Although Photoshop has gotten really amazing at picking out a subject from the background and letting you refine that selection, there was still some bleed from the background.

I also think that I'd probably introduce more elements to give it a more chaotic feel.

Having said that, I'm pretty happy.  It communicates the fun I wanted to project.

Now I need to make a lightbox for my next project!

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