Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Photomedia - Steampunk - part 1

For my design course I need to pull together a photomedia project based on a theme.

Having recently attended a Steampunk festival, I think it would be great to do something around this theme.  I'm thinking about fob watches, goggles, top hats, cogs.  Perhaps something around a Steampunk dream - something ethereal?

At the festival there was a giant steampunk bug - it was used as the DJ system for the evening event. We all dressed up and took silly photographs.  I really like the fun in this photograph - holding onto a top hat with goggles attached:

Steampunk bug with glowing wings and a DJ in a top hat on top of it Girl holding onto a top hat on her head and looking surprised
I'm going to see about bringing these elements into my Steampunk themed project.

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